1. Celebration & Graduation
  2. Birthdays & Private Events
  3. Christmas Parties

Celebrate Your Next Party, Event, Birthday or Rent a Space at Hawaii's only Jazz Venue that holds up to 90 people. We accommodate all events: Weddings, After Parties, Travel Groups, Golf after party, Birthday, Live Event, Private Screening, Album Release Party, Companion, Welcome/Farewell Party, Girls Boys, Mom Party, Recital, etc, we welcome all parties! Our staff will support you in your event!

Private party, LIVE party, wedding parties etc.
Karaoke,HDMI-Projector,DVD player,Audio equipment

Business hours
Mon - Sat 6: 00pm -2: 00am
Closed on Sundays, unless requested

Food, drink, Tips all included starting $60! *Additional charge for Karaoke.

2 hours/ Minimum 4 people/ Maximum capacity 90 people
*Accept reservation one month in advance for renting whole place for private parties. Sunday-Thursday 30 people (or $2000 above purchase)
Friday, Saturday 50 people (or $3000 above purchase)

Celebration Cakes (Easy-To-Order)

Our cakes are made to perfection by a Japanese patisserie.
We can semi-customize the decoration of the cake such as: whole strawberry shortcake, round, square, heart shaped, etc, please let us know.

Whole strawberry shortcake Size 6 (18cm) Starting $40
Semi-custom cake Size 6 (18cm) starting $100

Cancellation Policy:

Regular Party:
2 days + before reservation: free
Day before: 30%
On the day: 80%
No show/no call: 100%

Private Party:
1week + before reservation: free
Day before: 50%
On the day: 80%
No show/no call: 100%

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